I would like to express my thanks to Kerri Ferguson from Australia and David Ballesty also originally from Australia  whose great great grandfather worked as coachman and groom to the Arthur family of Glenomera and without whose trojan work the research for this page would never have been done.

Some records from the “John Temperley” 1863 which contain the names of people who definitely came from the estate.

The Parish of Broadford which at one time comprised the old Civil Parishes of Killokennedy and Kilseily. Blackhill is not a townland in its own 
right but rather a sub-division of the bigger townland of Ballyquin Beg.  Ballyquin Beg is a townland (a townland being the smallest rural division 
of a Parish in this case of approximately 270 acres situated in the old Civil Parish of Killokennedy. Ballyquin Beg was sited about 3 miles south 
east of the village of Broadford." Here it would be a good idea to mention that there was a Glenomera house with the address of Broadford 
and this house did not belong to the Arthur family whose house Glenomera was at Ballyquin  Beg. So when researching be careful not to mix 
up the two houses although both called Glenomera and quite close to each other one was in Broadford and the Arthur house was in Ballyquin 
Beg. Neither house is standing now the Arthur house burned down in 1905 and the Broadford house was demolished around 1920.

John Hogan was coachman and groom to the Arthur family of Glenomera, Ballyquin Beg and his children were Ann (Australia), Margaret, Thomas (Australia), John(Australia), Michael (Ireland), Mary (Australia), Patrick (Australia) and Brigid(Australia).

 HOGAN Thomas (20) and James (16).  Though they state their native place as “Blackhill”, that townland was on the Glenomera estate.  I have looked at these boys before and suspect that they have been cousins of Kerri FergusonWinifred Hogan(a widow and mother of the boys) was also on the voyage of the John Temperley  in 1863  but she appears on a different sheet titled “Widows”.   She does not name Glenomera as her native place but there are  other documents which place her there and I suspect she is the Winifred Hogan named on the Griffiths Valuations as living in Ballyquin Beg – possibly a sister in law of John Hogan coachman and groom to the Arthurs of Glenomera.

Winifred Hogan and her son Thomas died within six months of each other in 1883 she and Patrick had five sons John, Michael, Thomas, Patrick, James and a daughter who died. When Thomas died, aged just 41, his wife named Glenomera, County Clare as his place of origin on his headstone so he and his mother must have spoken of it. James and Michael died in Sydney in 1900, Patrick was in Sydney as well but have not yet discovered when he died unfortunately still no idea what happened John or the daughter. Thomas married Margaret Hickey from County Tipperary in 1871 he was a publican in Sydney and they had one son (also Thomas) and five daughters. His wife Margaret remarried (John Ryan and they had one daughter together) and continued as a publican for many years.

Aileen and Peter Hogan are descendants of Thomas Hogan son of John the coachman and are farming in Australia today continuing the Hogan affinity with horses as they keep horses on their farm..

Kerri Ferguson is descended from John Hogan who was coachman and groom to the Arthur family of Glenomera, Ballyquin Beg. and the name Ferguson came into the family with a Ferguson from Benvoran.

David Ballesty is descended from Patrick Hogan and Winifred Hogan through their son Thomas and his wife Margaret Hickey and he lives outside Australia at present.

Michael Hogan who was Thomas, and Patrick's brother and John Hogan's son stayed in Ireland and was married twice first to Mary Bolton and they had 6 children. Michael's second wife was Mary Hogan (possibly a relative?) and they had 9 children.


BOLTON Bridget (18) states her native place as Glenomera and also states her occupation as “Housemaid”.  I suspect that would place her at the big house rather than working for some other local family. Note that Bridget also names her parents, John and Mary Bolton as still living and on the Glenomera estate as well.

DALY Catherine (21) states she is a servant and that her native place is Glenomera.  She also names her parents as living and still on the Glenomera estate.

MORONEY Margaret (18) states that she is a servant and names her native place as Glenomera.  She names her parents and states that they are still living at Glenomera.

DONNELLAN Bridget (21) states that she is a servant and her native place is Glenomera.  She also names her parents as still living on the estate. 

DONNELLAN Bridget (25) states that she is a servant and her native place is Glenomera.  She also names her parents and says that they are still living on the Glenomera estate.

A Jim McNamara who mentioned a person named Gunning from Glenomera.  Kerri Ferguson come across a newspaper clipping regarding a 
marriage in NSW which mentions a Gunning from Glenomera.  These two people would seem to be connected.
As regards that one record containing the names of the two Bridget Donnellon's...... the first Bridget claims that she has a relative John Donnellan,
 a cousin in the colony.
The second Bridget claims that she has a relative John Donnellan in the colony and that he is her brother.

A newspaper article involving another resident of Glenomera.

Another note from a newspaper of nearly 150 years ago.
 Monday night a large stack of oats, the property of John Vaughan, Farmer, at Glenomera, Co. Clare, was maliciously set on fire and entirely 
destroyed. This surname is often associated with the other Glenomera but there were Vaughan's on the Arthur estate also.



This is Catherine McMahon of 21 years of age and a servant.


Her name can first be found in the Immigration Deposit Journal of 1863 where her address is named as “Glenomera” Broadford, County Clare       ( this may be the other Glenomera which is close to the Arthur estate but never belonged to the Arthur family it seems likely that the people on the Broadford Glenomera could have known many of the people on the Ballyquin Glenomera estate). And her contact is named as the parish Priest at Glenomera. She can be seen arriving on the sailing ship “Sirocco”  with two other McMahons. On this document you can see that under the column “Relations in the Colony” she names a Bridget Hogan as a “2nd cousin living in Surry Hills”.  VERY unusual to see a “numbered cousin” such as”2nd cousin”. Catherine could read but not write. Her parents are named as “Pat McMahon & Nancy McMahon” – both dead.


This is the Immigration arrival record of one Patrick Hogan. 

He appears to be the son of Winifred Hogan from Blackhill. Arrived in Sydney on the “Tudor” 17th August 1860.The record clearly states that his parents are Patrick and Winifred Hogan and that Winifred is still living at Glenomera (in 1860).This would make him a brother to the boys Thomas and James who are already on the site. (Note that the record states that there is already a brother, Thomas, living in Sydney).


Information about Stephen Crowe and Mary McNamara. 

Stephen Crowe:

 Townland name entered as :  Glenomera, County Clare

 Date of birth:  c.1833

 Marriage(s):  1863.  Mary McNamara, Melbourne, Victoria

Date of emigration:  Unknown Port of Departure:  Unknown  Name of Ship:  Unknown Place of Arrival:  Unknown

 Residence in Australasia:  Melbourne, Mandurang, Sandhurst, Victoria

 Researcher:  Margaret O’Callaghan 39  Graham Avenue, McKinnon, Victoria, Australia 3204

 Email address at which researcher can be contacted:


Victorian Birth Transcription.

Parents: Mary McNamara/ born c 1847,,Glenomera ,Co. Clare/ married: 1863 Melbourne / to Stephen Crowe / born c 1833, Glenomera, Co. Clare / Carter / Issue: John c1864 & Mary Ann/ born 10 30pm 1.11.1867 146 High Street Carlton, Victoria.


Patrick Crowe

Spouse Name:

Mary McNamara

Marriage Place:


Registration Place:


Registration Year:


Registration number:


 Since the experienced researcher Margaret O’Callaghan got the information about “Glenomera” from the records, we can rely on the authenticity.


The Record below is from the Victorian Archives  rather than the NSW Archive.


This would seem to be Stephen Crowe’s  arrival details



Stephen Crow

Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1835



Arrival Date:

Aug 1854

Arrival Port:

Melbourne, Australia

Departure Port:



William Money



 As of yet we do not know the ship on which Mary McNamara arrived as there were so many Irish migrants with the same name and about the same age.


Some posts I came across in my researches that are to do with some people who lived on the Arthur estate at Glenomera.

Bridget Hayes -Glenomera - (Glenomera - County Clare)

I am attempting to locate any descendants of Patrick Hayes who resided in a place called Glenomera Co Clare in the 1840s.Wish to ascertain

 birth details of his daughter Bridget, my great grandmother ,who came to Australia and married in Victoria in 1873.Her mothers name was

 Bridget Ryan. I think Glenomera was near Kilbane however I have no firm idea of the correct location. Would appreciate any help from Irish


John Ahern Glenomera Co Clare - (Glenomera - County Clare)

I am trying to find the birthplace and family of my G.G. Grandfather John AHERN (AHERNE AHEARN AHERON) born about 1839/43

who immigrated to New Zealand in about 1862. According to family he was born in Glenomera Co Clare. The only thing I can find is

 "The Glenomera Estate" owned by the Arthur Family. I have come to believe that perhaps he and his family were workers who lived

 and worked on the estate, how


ever as the estate no longer exists I am having trouble finding any connection. Any help from

 anyone would be appreciated.


On 8th April 1834, an emigrant vessel, “James”, sailed from Limerick bound for Quebec but did not complete the journey. There was a loss of life of 241 people on the voyage when the vessel sank. Some of those passengers were from Glenomera……. 2 of them seem to be young boys between the age of 7-14 years of age. There was a John Hayes and James Hayes on board who were farmers from Glenomera……. and a John Collins and William Terry.

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