Nov 9th 1937 in St Michael's Church in Dun Laoghaire

The Arthur’s of Kenmare


This is another branch of our family about whom we know very little.


Brother Charles Arthur along with my great grandfather John Arthur of Clonmel was in communication with Mr Patrick Arthur of the above family in it is believed in the 1930’s, who with great kindness supplied the following account of that branch of the family.

After the siege of Limerick and after the termination of the Jacobite war’s a certain Thomas Arthur came, it is supposed from Limerick and settled in Cladanure approximately 2 miles west of  Kenmare, a district situated a few miles from Kenmare . This was the year 1700 and the stranger is supposed to have taken part in the wars between James and William. Later they moved to Derrynacaraugh, Bonane, Kenmare which is approx. 6 miles south of Kenmare. The history of this Thomas Arthur is lost in the mist of antiquity; however we know he had a son named Thomas. In time he became a boat-builder. He married and his boys continued this vocation. One of them was Patrick who was employed by the liberator Daniel O’Connell at his home in Derrynane. He left Ireland in about 1847. The other children of this Thomas were Philip, Charles and two others who’s names we cannot trace. Philip & Charles left Ireland for USA and married in Boston Mass and died there. There are  two who’s names we cannot trace who settled in west Cork and were boat-builders there. It is possible their descendants survive there.

This information has come to me lately Thomas Arthur and Mary Leahy Cladanaure had Patricia in 1819, Mary 1822 and they were probably the parents of Thomas born before 1819 whose family comes next.

Thomas Arthur and Mary Hegarty of Derrynacoulagh had the following children Helen born 27-1-1842, Janet born 9-4-1844, Thomas born 27-9-1846, James born 3-6-1849, Philip born 17-8-1851 and Patrick born 6-5-1857.

Philip Arthur and Johanna Connor children were Thomas born 12-2-1877, Mary born 9-4-1878, Abigail born 19-12-1879, Patrick born 19-3-1881, Philip born 12-1882, Charley born 31-12-1883, Anna born 27-10-1884, Elizabeth born 21-8-1886, James born 7-7-1887 (he was 84 in 1971 so must be him), Ellen born 25-2-1889 and Philip Jarlath born 6-6-1891 (first child called Philip died young).

Patrick son of Patrick married Julia Casey Leher on 14-2-1911 Thomas son of Patrick married Catherine O'Shea and had a daughter called Mary who was born on 28-10-1903. Mary daughter of Patrick married Patrick Finnegan on 3-2-1910. Charlie son of Patrick married Catherine Lovett gortrooska on 25-2-1919. Thomas and Charlie were both harness makers in Kenmare in 1910 census.

Charles left Kerry for a midland county possibly Leitrim, but his after-history is unknown. Thomas married twice, the 2nd wife being Abbie O’Sullivan Of this marriage one boy was born about 1800. Thomas Arthur grew up and married Margaret Hegarty. Their children were Patrick, Philip, Mary, Abbie, Lizzie, Jane, Ellen & Annie. Philip lived with his son Patrick in Kenmare. Philip married Johanna O’Connor. Patrick died unmarried in New York in 1931 aged 70. Mary Arthur went to Boston, married a Mr McGuire from Leitrim a builder. She was 92 years of age when she died. Her family are believed to be still in Boston.

Abbie Arthur married a Mr Leary, went to Boston, returned to Kenmare after 52 years and died there in 1908. Lizzie Arthur married John Quinn near Kenmare, a grand nephew of hers was a Fr Dowling who was stationed in New York.

 Ellen Arthur married a Mr Jerry McCarthy a carpenter in Kenmare her son a Mr McCarthy was a journalist. Annie Arthur married Patrick Brown, a farmer near Kenmare. She died in 1928 aged 72.

 Philip Arthur already mentioned living in Kenmare had a family consisting of six daughters and six sons. They were Thomas, a harness maker who went to New York and died there aged 29 in 1906, His family are still in New York Charles Arthur lived in Kenmare, and he married a Kate Lovett and had one child, a girl.

In the old cemetery at Kenmare there is a tomb of the Arthur family of Kenmare inscribed as follows. “Erected by Thomas Arthur, for him and his family 1782” Patrick Arthur had another boy who died aged 5.

Some news about the Kenmare Arthur family of today.

 Abina Arthur, from Derrynacaraugh met her husband in the Galtymore in Cricklewood in the 60's  and they  moved back to his home in the 1970s.
Abina Arthur is one of the 14 children of James Arthur who died in the early 70s. About half of the 14 are still alive but most are very old However Mary  the oldest daughter is 92 and lives in Meath.

Margaret Godfrey, nee Arthur (her father was Thomas) lives in Manchester. Peggy is in New Jersey and she has a family tree mostly completed for a few generations but I cannot reproduce it at this time.

There are very good parish records online for Kenmare marriages and baptisms going back to 1830s, lots of Arthurs in them - all the same names Philip, Thomas, James.
While the Arthur family of Kenmare were boat builders for many generations the consistent occupation among males in the family in 20th century was watch making.

Wanie O Brien  and Janie Arthur of Sallyport B & B , Kenmare, are both daughters of the groom in the wedding photo.

The grooms father  Patrick and the Charles in the wedding photo are Peggy O Connor Hourihan who lives in New Jersey are the brothers of her grandfather James.

Patrick O'Reilly 's mother Siobhan (known as Wanie) is an Arthur from Sallyporthouse in Kenmare. Her father was Philip Joseph Arthur who married Mai O'Brien and the wedding photo  on this page is that of their wedding. The groom is Philip Joseph Arthur and his bride is Mai O'Brien.


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