Crest of Limerick Arthurs

Crest of GlamomeraArthur family.
This is a simple site giving the history of the Arthur family of Limerick from the earliest times to the present day in so far as it is known. If any of you who visit this site are related to THE ARTHUR FAMILY OF LIMERICK  please get in contact as I would like to make contact with any relatives out there whose existence I have no record of. I would of course with your permission like to include your story on this site . If you do not want your story included your wish will of course be respected but please get in contact so I can fill in some of the holes in the story of the Arthur family.

This version of the site was updated in 2017 in the light of new knowledge that came to light since it was first posted in 2013.


Each of the buttons below is a link to one part of the history of the Limerick Arthur family.
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History Arthur Name Earliest references to Arthurs in Limerick
Mayors of Limerick Our Bishops and other Religious
Arthurs who were banished Some old Arthur Geanologies
Thomas Arthur (1593-1674) Daniel and Robert Arthur
The Arthur's in the 18th century Francis Arthur1758-1824
The Arthurs of Kenmare The Glamour of Limerick
The Arthur family in Glenomera The Arthurs of Ennistymon
Kate Cooney Children Patrick Arthur Ennistymon
Children William and Joseph William Arthur What happened the children of Joseph W

I must acknowledge the information and help I received from the following without whom this site would not have been what I think it is and without whose help and encouragement I could not have put this site together.
Br. Charles Firmin Arthur son of Joseph William Arthur,Gabriel Arthur son of Joseph Arthur the photographer, Fiona Arthur daughter of Gabriel, Anne Marie Brennan granddaughter of Joseph Arthur the Photographer, Nick Arthur great grandson of Charles William Augustus Arthur of Glenomera, Mary Lambert, Mary Warren Darley, Helen Chambers,George Quain and Keri Ferguson. If have left anyone out I am sorry it was not intentional as I spoke to so many people and still do in putting this record together that I may inadvertently have forgotten to include someone if I have please let me know so I can correct my error.

This site and all the information contained in it is © 2013. If anyone wishes to use any of the information except that which is already the public domain you must obtain the permission of the author be by contacting me at

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